Wednesday, August 20, 2008

...And we're back

What a great, short, exhausting trip! Emmy got to play with Kori Longrich while I visited with Kelly (pictures to come), I picked a few berries, made salmonberry jelly with my mom, had perok just like I wanted, and went out to see Alisha's coffee shop Java Flats out in Bells Flats. We also had a good New Words Council meeting where we decided on new words for glass eye (iingalaruaq) escalator (tRaapat p'tasqat) and barista (kuufialista/kuugialista) among others. We got through quite an agenda at our Qik meeting as well (that's the short version on Qik'rtarmiut Alutiit Regional Language Advisory Committee meeting). It was good to see everyone even thought it was so short. I am going to be traveling so much this fall between conferences, visiting Jeremy's family and going home for work, that I am beginning to dread it already.

I got home just in time last night for Jeremy's birthday evening. We went to Pike's Riverfront Lodge for dinner, which is right close to the airport. It was nice - we sat in the bar where it is less pretentious, and enjoyed the same menu while watching the olympics on the numerous flat screen TVs. Our waitress there was the same one we had last time, she's really nice, and most importantly very understanding about Emmy and her cracker needs. Then we came home for some late cake courtesy of Mike and Cheyanne. the cake said "Happy F*kin Birthday Betch" and Jeremy loved it. We took a picture of theat as well but you'll have to check Jeremy's my space for that sometime later :-)

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