Saturday, August 16, 2008

Headed to Kodiak

Emmy and I are headed to Kodiak today. Hopefully we do not have weather issues like my last trip. I have a New Words Council meeting on Monday, and a staff and Regional Language Advisory Committee meeting on Tuesday, and fly home Tuesday afternoon, which is also Jeremy's Birthday. another whirlwind visit, but since I have Sunday before work starts I can maybe do some berry picking - I hear the salmonberries are ripe.

Peggy actually brought some salmonberries when she came up with Tony earlier this week. Even though they had been thawed and in her cooler for a few days I made them into ciitaq and it was very good. I couldn't waste an opportunity to have salmonberries, even though I might get some when I go home. I wonder if mom will make perok when I am there. then I will at least feel lke I am getting my taste of Kodiak summer.

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