Friday, August 22, 2008

"the clustr map"

I have been so excited lately to see where people have been viewing my blog from. Sometimes a little dot appears shortly after I have told a new person about it. Other times it seems people must have stumbled across this page. It makes me wonder what these people think not knowing me at all. I must have popped up on some search engine for "Alaska" or "frog."


Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Hey April! I see Oregon has a dot, pretty neat map. It was fun to see all of you on Thursday, next week we are going to look at webcams. I am still painting Grandma-B's house and finished the Carport side today and Ted is furiously working on the Art-Shed out back, tomorrow we are taking a break and going Pelargic bird watching out of brookings. Hugs. Anty Kim

Rachel Stoltenberg said...

Sorry for laughing so hard at your pregnancy recap. I hope karma isn't real.

Woke up in the middle of the night, ucluttered my clutch and was reminded of this blog. The mighty Kodiak dot now glows hotter on your map!

Does this post sound coded? Like we are spies or...?