Thursday, August 21, 2008

Current obsession: Thai Iced Tea

One of the things I have enjoyed the most here in Fairbanks is the change of food. While I hear Kodiak will soon be home to a few new restaurants (including taco bell, and you would not believe the level of excitement) There are many more choices up here. Although there is no Indian food (the only Indian restaurant in AK is in Anchorage) I have been pretty happy about the number of Thai restaurants.

Since we moved to the Goldstream area I kept driving by this tiny place out in the country called "On's Eggroll House" After wondering about it for a while I dropped by and tried their springrolls and, yes, their thai iced tea. It has now been a few months and I now am a regular there, as well as at the thai food booth at the Farmer's market. I think about thai iced tea night and day. I have been doing internet research about it so I can make my own. I will have to let you know how that project goes, but it looks pretty easy if I can find the tea leaves, which are not in the local supermarkets. This is a full blown obsession, and I MUST learn to make my own before I go back ot Kodiak!

possible Alutiiq new word for Thai Iced tea? Pat'snasqaq caayuq taaymiurmek? (cold tea from the thai people?) UuRincirngasqaq caayuq? (orange colored tea?) Nalluwaqa! (I don't know!)

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Rachel Stoltenberg said...

Ok I'm back up in the middle of the night again. Never had Thai black tea but mmm that pic reminds me of carrot juice which is So Creamy & Good. Mmm.

Must say that the comment random verification word last time was "gorkforb".