Friday, August 15, 2008

Doctoral Studies

As you may know, I am in the middle of a doctoral program in Language Planning and Indigenous Epistemology. Well, that's what I am calling my program at the moment, since it is interdisciplinary. I am now done with my course work. My research is on the social significance of the New Words Council. This fall I am going to be working on transcribing New Words Council meetings and interviews and writing my literature review. Next spring, more research and analysis, and I begin writing the "meat" of my dissertation. When I told my advisor Patrick about my new blog he asked if it was about my research. What a good advisor, keeping the focus like that. Because everything is so interconnected in my life right now, this blog is not about, but not entirely not about my research and school experience.

The SLATE program (here at UAF) that I am in is very intensive. I basically had only 2 years to complete my Ph.D. when I started (2 months after having Emmy and about 14 months ago). Now instead of finishing by this time next year, I may apply for additional funding to have another year. I felt like I was failing at first if I didn't finish in the 2 years, but then I decided, this dissertation is supposed to be my best work. I want to have enough time to do it properly, and 3 years is still about half as fast as your normal doctoral program. I still return to Kodiak at the new year and will be working part time as I continue with my research.

One thing I have been wondering...Will there come a time that I can publish this blog Alutiitstun? Right now I could throw in a lot of words, but would that be meaningful? Is it meaningful without a response?

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Nitniqtaaramt'gen, taumi allrani kiumciqamt'gen Alutiitstun. liiciiqtukut!

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