Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn

After waiting for what seemed like ages and enduring all of the mystery surrounding what would happen in this final book of the Twilight series, I finally got it in the mail last week. I certainly enjoyed reading it but it was not the masterpiece some of the others had been. I read the reviews online and many people were disappointed, even angry about this book. I think everyone got so worked up about this series that they all had their own ideas about how it should end. Stephenie Meyer also seemed to want to try and give everyone the happy ending they wanted, but it all seemed a little too easy. Bella got everything she had ever wanted and more - husband, immortality, amazing powers, and even a baby that should have been impossible but some how was not. I wanted the happy ending too, and while the plot, characterization, and some of the rules of Bella's world had to be bent a bit in order to achieve said ending, apparently that is the sacrifice that had to be made. I believe I would read another Meyer book when it comes out. I am just not going to have unreasonable expectations.

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