Sunday, August 31, 2008

Emmy's first camping trip

Akgua'aq gwangkuta qawarlliakut palatkaami, Chena kuigem caniani. Pinarllia, maqarluni. Taumi unugmi pat'snarpakallia palatkaami. Emmy maqaruarllia. Nunanirlliakut.

Last night we slept in a tent next to the Chena river. It was nice, and hot. Then when it got night it got very cold in the tent. Emmy was warm. We had fun.


Faith said...

Emmy will be a true lover of the outdoors. I see how hard she is studying her father's camping skills. She is beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing more pics. Love you all.

Twofrogs said...

If ever you were looking for an answer to the question of whether or not Emmy looks like her mom, then just look at this picture of her on this post in the tent with that hat on and that expression on her face. She is the spitting image of you, April, you make exactly that face.