Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin's daughter pregnant!

This morning I was checking out a blog that claimed that Palin's 5th child was actually her daughter Bristol's. 5 minutes later I check the news headlines, and it turns out Bristol is pregnant. Not that it disproved the earlier rumors, but what an unexpected turn of events. Does this make Palin even more "All American?" While it said McCain knew about this before he chose Palin as his VP, you have to wonder, could he have any idea how this will play out? Then again, why should we care?

I have been thinking about what the point of this blog is. Is it going to be quazi-political, at least until the presidential election is over? Is it going to be a parenting blog? A way to practice my Alutiiq? A collection of really deep thoughts? Well, I guess it will be all of those things and more. Because it is mine, that's why.

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Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Amen, Sister!
Its your blog to do whatever you want with it!
Its fun venturing out on a political limb every now and again... :) Zoya