Saturday, September 13, 2008

Down in K-town

Emmy and I came down to Kodiak on Thursday, if you noticed that I haven't posted in a few days. this rain and fog sure makes me feel at home :-)

As soon as I flew in on Thursday I dropped Emmy off at Melissa's and did interviews for the Language Outreach Specialist. I think we may have found someone good to replace Peter who is leaving for Law school in December. We had some sad news though. "Papa George" Inga, one of our former Alutiiq language masters  from Old Harbor has passed away. It is hard to state the significance of this. He was a great man who was raising his great grandson, who is now in high school. So sad. It definitely cast a shadow over our New Words Council meeting on Friday.

Today we held a baby shower for my little sister Melissa who is due with a baby girl in a month. I made a lamb cake which turned out good. I will do a post on that after I get back to Fairbanks.

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