Monday, September 15, 2008

The fluffy lamb cake

Since Melissa's theme in her new nursery is lambs, I decided to make her a lamb cake for her shower on Saturday. Since I talked it up so much, the pressure was on to make beautiful cake! But this one turned out pretty good.

I used two cake mixes and two frostings, a bag of small marshmallows (fur) and eight large ones with the ends dipped in chocolate (legs). I made the grass from coconut with green food coloring, and the flowers were made from flattened gum drops. I made two round cakes for the body and baked a small cake for the head in a bowl. there was a bit of batter left so I did an extra side cake as well.
The shower went really well I think. Lots of ladies showed up and played our "what candy bar is melted in the baby diaper game." Melissa made out like a bandit with all the great gifts.

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Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Melissa looks great and that cake is totally awesome!