Saturday, September 20, 2008

Off to D.C.

Tomorrow morning I am headed to Washington D.C. to receive an award on behalf of the Alutiiq Museum's Qik'rtarmiut Alutiit (Alutiiq people of the Island) Language revitalization project that was funded by the Administration for Native Americans. This Commissioner's Award is being given only to grant projects that performed well, so I am so proud of our museum and language program, especially our dear fluent speakers!

This morning I checked on what kind of weather I can expect when I get there. Tomorrow is going to be 83 degrees! It is warm here at 38 degrees at 8:17 AM due to the light rain we are having. So it looks lke I will get a chance to wear those summer clothes one more time. Of course, being in a conference for the next few days I may not get to see the weather at all. And being an Alaskan, 83 degrees seems a little hot for my taste, so perhaps sitting in the air conditioned conference room might not be so bad. Well, if you are curious about how the weather is treating me between now and Wednesday, you can check it here.

And Jeremy wanted me to add that he will be caring for our toddler Emmy all by himself while I am gone. I am not worried - last time I left the two of them for a trip, she learned to walk the day after I left.

And here is a photo of the presidential suite at the Hilton, where I will not be staying.

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Anonymous said...

Washington DC is part of my region. I am sad to say I cannot be there to see you. I am sure your days and nights are well planned, so enjoy the beautiful city. Congratulations for receiving the honorable recognition for the work you do. We are very proud of you! M&W