Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Report from D.C.

I leave this afternoon to head back to Fairbanks. I look forward to sleeping in my own bed with my own pillow. The young woman in the room next door does not realize how loud her phone conversations, singing and belching are through the thin door between our two rooms. And despite my excitement to have TV to watch, I realized once again that there is not much to see.

Ever since I arrived here, as soon as I mention I am from Alaska, you can guess the first question I get asked. Melissa and Rachel who are also at this conference representing the Native Village of Afognak actually started counting the number of times people ask about our Governor Sarah Palin. We all usually respond carefully in the same way..."Well, she has been a very popular governor, but...most people aren't sure if she is qualified to be VP." This response I believe shows great restraint, since we could go into her record on Native issues or how as mayor she denied funding to the Police Department to cover evidence collection for rape victims (apparently they should pay for their own rape kits) or how she slashed funding for the covenant house in Anchorage, a place where young unwed mothers can stay until they get on their feet (ironic, you might say). It calls to mind the sign I saw in photographs from the recent anti-Palin ralley in Anchorage "FINALLY...A WOMAN who is not afraid to HATE WOMEN."

In other news, I went to the NMAI yesterday, which was emotional and inspiring. the exhibits were beautiful, which is something I always keep an eye on now that I work in a museum. I did think the audio content was a bit overwhelming, since often you could hear multiple soundscapes at once. I saw my Dad's kayak paddles for sale in the gift store, so I had to call him up and tell him how proud that made me.

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