Thursday, October 30, 2008

Emmy's Halloween costume debacle

I was so excited to get Emmy the Old Navy Butterfly costume when we were down in Indiana. (this picture is not Emmy - just another cute tot model) Due to of all of the other things we bought, it would not fit in the suitcase. So we mailed it. Big mistake. Halloween is tomorrow, the postman came and went, and no box. One of the boxes we sent up here got returned back to Indiana, the other is floating around the US somewhere, sad and lonely.

So tonight we are going to go shopping to find her a new costume to wear to daycare tomorrow, where it will be an all day party. What will she be? Check back tomorrow to find out!


Tiara said...

So sweet..! I too got a same designed butterfly costume from Old Navy for my cute daughter.

Anonymous said...

I think little red riding hood worked out just fineA