Friday, October 31, 2008

Little Redhead Riding Hood

So, after battling the hordes at Value Village we found a costume that Emmy would look absolutely cute in. I think Little Red Riding Hood is a good match for her in part due to her red hair, which may not be red much longer - it's growing in much lighter. Maybe this dress is not as warm as the other costume, but in these temperatures, she wouldn't really be going trick-or-treating outdoors anyway. We were thinking of bringing her to an apartment complex with indoor halls after daycare. But we don't even give her candy yet, so she would probably be bummed out not to enjoy much of it. Now we are thinking we'll just bring her home and carve a pumpkin, which I realized last night we had totally forgotten about. Good thing is, by the time we buy the pumpkin today they should be on sale.

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