Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Report

•Number of minutes it took Jeremy to carve the pumpkin: 15
•Number of degrees below zero it was last night: 20
•Number of pieces of candy given to Emmy after daycare: 1
•Number eaten by April: 5
•Number eaten by Jeremy: unreported
•Total number of Halloween costumes purchased for Emmy this year: 3
•Cost of last minute pumpkin at Safeway, in dollars: 0
•Number of combined hours Jeremy and April wore their costumes on Halloween: 0
•Number of combined hours Jeremy and April wore costumes before Halloween: 3
•Number of Trick or Treaters: 0

1 comment:

Twofrogs said...

This is really funny and she is so sweet in that costume. You have to take pictures of her in all her costumes and post them. Halloween fashion show!!!!!!!!