Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friends we saw on our travels

Emmy and I have been very busy. In addition to going to work and the Qik meeting, the day before we left Kodiak, Emmy and I went over to Rachel Kane's for play date with Abby. Then I visited Melissa, Ty, and their new baby, interviewed Susan Malutin about the language revitalization movement, and went out to see Gary Barnes and Family at the Great Alaska Bean Company to stock up on fresh roasted coffee.

Yesterday was our trip back to Fairbanks. In Anchorage I got a 6 hour layover so we could visit with Grandpa Jerry and meet our third cousin Chris. We went out to Gwennie's for a huge breakfast, swung by the Alaska Native Heritage Center, and had lunch with LaRita at the Alaska Native Medical Center. Dad dropped his art off at the Dena'ina Center where he will be having his art table for the next few days during AFN. We drove back across town to get La Rita's cell phone from her house, and then realized that we left Emmy's stroller on the sidewalk outside of the Dena'ina Center when we were offloading. So we hurried back and it was still there!

Then Dad dropped me off at the Airport, where I discovered that I lost my license some time during that first flight from Kodiak. I had only my UAF ID, and was happy to undergo an "additional screening" just so that they would let me continue up to Fairbanks. As I was checking in, Shelly ran up to say hi. She and her husband Ryan were on their way to Kodiak where they are moving, but they had missed their flight. Looks like I was not the only one having travel drama! When Emmy and I went through security we both had to be fully patted down and my bags all had to be fully searched. Poor Emmy could not stand with her arms out and her feet in those big footprints, so they patted her down while she laid on the floor. It was all a bit overboard if you ask me, but then again, I was traveling without legal ID.

And then, I knew Jacoby and my niece Ravenna were coming in at about the same time I was boarding, so I stood outside their gate and surprised them. Emmy and Ravenna got to see eachother before we got on the plane to Fairbanks. What a Day! We were so happy to see Jeremy when we got off that last flight :-)

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Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

This morning when I picked my brother up at the airport I got to welcome Shelley and Ryan to Kodiak! It's been a while since this was her stomping grounds.