Saturday, November 8, 2008

Portrait experience

Today we went to get Emmy's winter portrait taken. I won't say where, but it rhymes with "beers." It was not very fun. Emmy was not in the mood, and our photographer, a young man with apparently no experience working with children, despite working at the portrait studio actually seemed to make her more uncomfortable. He just kept saying ineffectual things like "Don't cry. You can't cry." I must say though, based on the only other time we ever got Emmy's picture taken, that photography with kids and babies is not so easy. They were also a bit shady about the sales, not telling me how much anything would cost, or giving me vague wildly incorrect estimates of how much it would be, so we ended up not ordering that much once the true costs came to light. Now that it is over though, I am glad we at least did it. We also got our first ever family portrait done.

....Isn't she CUUUUUUUUTE!


KMAD said...

So why didn't you post the family pic too? Little E is growing up so fast! See you guys in December?

Isiik said...

the pics of the whole family are too cheesy to post publicly. No can do!