Friday, November 7, 2008

Temperature report: Goldstream Valley

This morning is is back down to -20 F. I was saying last night, "you know, this isn't too bad. It doesn't seem to be getting much worse after the initial cold snap. it may hover around -15 or -20, but it will probably only get down to -50 or -60 one or two times before we move back to Kodiak."
Jeremy said, "Are you listening to yourself?"

The other day I was thinking, what are the things I am going to miss most when we leave Fairbanks? Here are a few of them:
1. The choice of restaurants. Our favorites: Silvergulch Brewery, Pike's Riverfront Lodge, Two Rivers Lodge. Also, On's Egroll house, which just burned down a few days ago, and I feel very sad, because that means I may not get to eat there when I come back to visit like I can with all the forementioned places.
2. The dog teams. Here in the Goldstream Valley, we are surrounded by dog teams, and I frequently see teams practicing on or along the road. In the summer evenings when they all start howling it is erie and beautiful.
3. The farmer's market. Especially the fresh veggies and falafel. But that won't open again until May anyway.
4. The option to go to Fred Meyers, as well as a really nice new Safeway. And both have health food sections.
5. My friends at UAF, who have made this crazy year more bearable.
6. The toasty summer temperatures, even though this summer wasn't that warm by Fairbanks standards.
7. The Alaska Coffee Roasting Company. They make a great eggnog latte, and their breakfast pockets and scones will be greatly missed.
8. Emmy's Daycare lady Judy. Emmy LOVES her, she loves Emmy, and we are all happy.
Now I am getting a little sad. But there are quite a few things I am looking forward to in Kodiak, which I will save for another post.

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