Friday, March 20, 2009

Sick to Denver

I have this awful cold and am flying to Denver for the American Association of Applied Linguistics Conference, along with my professors and fellow students in the SLATE program. With the sinus and ear blockage and the airplane pressure I cannot hear a thing. No amount of holding my nose and blowing out through my ears (which I heard is actually very bad for your ears) will help, so I am kinda in this partially silent world for the time being.

I hope I recover quickly so that I can enjoy my visit to Denver. Never been there. today's forecast is around 70 which is AWESOME. by Monday it may be snowing there though, which made it hard to pack.

Missing Emmy Jeremy and the dogs already. Though I am sure little E is taking full advantage of how she has her dad wrapped around her little finger. (Don't give her juice every time she asks! ;-))

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Ishmael said...

Be careful about the nose-holding-and-blow technique. I actually ruptured both of my eardrums after a flight back from ANC two years ago. Caused all sorts of trouble, but they eventually healed themselves (they don't always). Try some Sudafed (the real stuff) and nasal saline rinses.