Sunday, June 28, 2009

Emmy's Tutu

Emmy's friend Nora gave her a tutu a few days ago.  We thought it was adorable, but Emmy was only mildly interested.  She liked the skirt, but did not like the fact that she could not access her belly button.  For some kids, twirling their hair or holding a blankie is their comfort mechanism, but for Emmy it has always been scratching on her bellybutton.

Tomorrow we take off on the Kennikot for Homer.  We'll be arriving in Homer at about 2 am, and then driving up to Anchorage to stay for a few nights.  Then we drive on to Fairbanks, where I will be doing a month of intensive schoolwork on my dissertation.  I am excited to go up there for a change, but also reluctant, as we are just really getting settled here in our house.  My garden is picking up and it may be past its prime by the time we get back.  Oh Well, it's for a good cause.  And we have Mike to watch the house for us while we are gone.

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Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

I love the extra tuffs! I also think they may be more of the ballerina uniform in bits and pieces around the house if you interested. piugta