Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"New Dog"

Well, that's what we are calling him until he gets a name. We dropped by the Anchorage pound, I mean "Animal Shelter" today, and were planning just to take a look around. Yeah right. As soon as Jeremy and "New Dog" saw each other there was an instant connection. He is extremely calm and well mannered, especially for a picked up stray who has spent the past two weeks at the shelter. He has been playful with Lady and gentle with Emmy and Ravenna, despite all the chaos of them playing here at Alberta's. We are trying to come up with a name. I posed the question over on Facebook, and the current leader is "Junior." I had also suggested "Conan" "Vlad" and "Musky" but did not get much excitement on those. We are open to suggestions....

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KMAD said...

I vote Damie!

I found this list on Google as well: http://www.fundognames.com/male-husky-dog-names.html