Sunday, June 21, 2009

North Star playground

Yesterday Kelly and Kori invited Emmy and I to come play at the North Star Elementary playground.  It was Emmy's first time there, and I am pretty sure she will want to go back. Kori was already a pro on the slides.  Emmy for some reason always went down the tunnel slide face first, and we had to tell her only to do that when there is someone there to catch her at the bottom!  Towards the end Emmy had to potty, but never fear! her mom was prepared, with the Subaru traveling potty station! Let's just say I have learned the hard way.

Jeremy wasn't able to go because he, Mike & Tony were doing some volunteer work on someone's house whose roof was caving in. Way to go guys, doing something just for the sake of lending a helping hand. And Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy Emmy could ever wish for.

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