Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I make the journey

This afternoon I head out to my "retreat" in a little cabin to write my dissertation. Although still working on the chapter on my theoretical framework (Activity theory) I am going to move right along to the analysis, or do both at the same time, or whatever happens naturally, as long as I can get the words on paper. I am not going to have internet access and may have to drive down to road to get cell service.

I am so excited to do this, but also scared. This is kind of a turning point, where if it goes well, I will be on course to complete my writing in time to defend in May. If I sit out there with writers block, things might not look so hopeful. But with no distractions, I am pretty sure writing will be the only thing preventing complete boredom. Perfect. I have needed to get away because these other things I care so much about in my life, like my family and my work...I always seem to choose them first, even though I know that delaying my dissertation completion will only inconvenience the family and the program even more. So here I go, off into the wilderness. Because although this life is lovely dark and deep, I have many words to write before I sleep.


Anonymous said...

Go April GO! Once you get a rough draft down it will be smooth sailing from there. Hope you had a successful writing retreat!

Twofrogs said...

You are so impressive! Good luck, hope everything goes well.