Thursday, January 20, 2011

7th Month

A friend up in Fairbanks is being induced tonight.  By this time tomorrow she should be holding her new baby girl.  I am starting to think about the end of this pregnancy and if I am going to be ready.  I still have over 2.5 months, but I have scarcely thought about the reality - that we will have a new baby girl in the family, who will be the center of the universe for a while, needing all of our care and efforts.  I remember with Emmy the first month was pretty desperate.  By month 2, her personality was beginning to show, we got into a routine, got some sleep, and began to feel sane again.  That time frame is what I look forward to at this point - I am in a smooth part (relatively) of the pregnancy, but things will get tougher physically until the birth and for a while afterwards.  But it becomes worth it in a short time.  Here's to our next adventure!

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