Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kitchen Stage 3, 4

With the construction zone that is our house, It has been all too easy to use the excuse of not being able to find the connector cable for the camera as a reason to not update the blog on our kitchen progress.  So here I am playing catch up...

Brent and Jeremy obliging me with an "action shot" during floor demolition.  There were many old layers to the floor, which made it difficult to tear up. With the floor being so lumpy, and originally constructed with thin plywood,  Jeremy had to tear it down to the original framing, and even redo some of that.

Floor in partially removed, partially rebuilt stage.

With a clean, new floor, the downstairs has become an irresistible play area.

Old large window torn out in preparation for the smaller over-sink kitchen window.

Framed in opening for the smaller window.

Emmy working with her "tools," that is, making a collection from the many color-coded electrical caps.  Oh yeah, did I mention the kitchen has also been completely rewired, courtesy of Bill? Apparently the whole old kitchen was on one circuit.

Now that the new electrical has been run, Jeremy can put up some additional insulation before applying new drywall.  Notice the post next to the window at right - Jeremy added this after removing the old drywall and seeing how little reinforcement was on the original wall.
So, the next stages, if I understand everything correctly, include drywall for the ceiling and walls, installing the laminate floor, bringing in the cabinets, connecting the electric to the appliances and lighting fixtures, countertops, plumbing, and all those final touches.

I am at about 35 weeks now, just over 30 days until Baby Laura is due to arrive.  Since Jeremy's work is taking a spring break in about a week, he will have some uninterrupted work time.  So he believes finishing all of this is feasible before we become a family of four.  Quite a deadline though, eh?

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