Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kitchen Stage 2

Now that the cabinets have arrived a bit earlier than expected, Jeremy is working hard on the kitchen demolition. Today, he tore off all the drywall, removed the old lighting fixtures, and expanded the opening into the living area, getting some help from Brent along the way.  What a HUGE difference a few hours makes!
How it looked this morning, as Jeremy began getting rid of the old drywall.
Drywall removed, suddenly it feels like a cozy cabin downstairs.  We didn't know when we first bought the house that the whole downstairs was constructed with square logs, though it explains the low ceilings.  Cabinets will be installed in a "U" at the far end, and extend along the right wall up to the window.
Note the larger opening at the far end under the stairs, which was previously regular doorway-sized.  The nearest opening visible in this photo will be walled in, and make one side of the "U."
One of our new cabinets, still in the box!


MOM said...

It is going to be so nice...cannot wait to see it this summer.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

love the cabinet color!