Thursday, February 10, 2011

Final phases

I haven't been keeping track of my pregnancy weeks with this baby the way I did with Emmy.  It is all so confusing anyway - they say you are pregnant for 9 months, but then they begin counting your first month before you are actually even pregnant.  Then, you discover that you have the baby at the END of the 9th month - so really it is 10 months.  But then if you consider that the counting begins before conception, you are back down to 9 months.  It gets even more complicated when you think of how most pregnancy books and guides count by what week you are IN, while at the doctor, they count by how many weeks you have completed.  Some books count different months as having either four or five weeks.  So while I have told people I am seven months along, my Mayo Clinic pregnancy book is telling me I am halfway through my 8th month (it counts through the end of the 10th month!).  And what is the point of all these various counting methods when the due date is only a good faith estimate at best?  So, I have been keeping track less diligently this time than last, but today I figured it out, and I am in my 32nd week.  Laura is due at 40 weeks, so we are really getting close here.

And, in other news, our kitchen cabinets have arrived!  Jeremy has been so busy, and since we did not know exactly how long they would take, the downstairs is not quite ready yet.  Nor have we ordered some of the final items to complete the project like a new sink, lighting, countertops, etc.  I have a feeling that this weekend will be a busy one...

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