Monday, January 31, 2011

Kitchen Stage 1

I am so excited about the progress Jeremy is making on the downstairs.  We are reconfiguring the space to take away the two long skinny rooms that were our living room and kitchen (what Jeremy called "The Double-Wide").  I keep calling it a kitchen remodel, but really it is the kitchen, living and dining rooms that will all be different.  So far, he has torn out and rebuilt the floor in the living room, removed all of the old cabinets, and yesterday took out the majority of the dividing wall, except for the significant support posts and beams that are needed since it was a bearing wall.  I believe the next step is to redo the current kitchen floor so that both rooms can be unified with one flooring type. Goodbye ugly linoleum! Then there will be drywall work, wiring, the new cabinets and plumbing...  How lucky I am to have a husband who can do all of this!  Obviously I can help very little with the project, except the tough jobs of picking out cabinets, tiles, flooring, and paint colors...

So this is what the kitchen will look like, sort of. A portion of the dividing wall will be retained at the far end of the room to form one wall of the u-shaped kitchen area, with the dining room on the left side - in the far end of the original living room.  The window visible on the right hand side of the first photo will be smaller, and can be seen in the layout image. The other ends of the old living room and kitchen will become the new living room area, though I am not sure if the necessary support post in the middle of it all will add character or make it difficult to furnish.  We'll worry about that part later.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see it finished April. It looks like Jeremy is doing some big time afterhours work. Love it!!