Sunday, June 14, 2009

Abercrombie today

Today we went hiking around the lake at Abercrombie. We don't go there too often, always assuming that there will be a lot of people there. But we only ran into a few groups, and they either had dogs or kids, which was exciting for Emmy. Good to get out and actually hike, since I hardly ever do that anymore. I remember a time when we would go for a hike every day. I would like to get back to that. Could there be a better stress reliever than these mossy green woods, fresh air and beautiful beaches?
Last night we grilled out and had a few people over. Kelly brought Kori and Emmy and Kori had a lot of laughs. They are only about a month apart in age.
Melody is a little over 8 months now. What a cuuuuuuutte niece I have! She is starting to crawl and babble a lot.


Anonymous said...

OMG...awesome day. I can almost see it! G Sizemore

Twofrogs said...

That is a super cute picture of the three of you.